Homeopathic Consultations take place at The Frome Therapy Rooms (www.frometherapyrooms.co.uk)

During the initial consultation I will ask you to explain your symptoms as fully as possible. I will seek to gain an understanding of how you experience your life and the world around you. This will include asking about such aspects as sleep patterns, diet, hobbies and medical history, as well as asking more in depth questions about the symptoms that you are experiencing.

 Please allow between an hour and a half and two hours for adults for the initial appointment, with less time usually being needed for children. This time also gives you the space to talk about anything that you feel might be relevant to the symptoms that you are experiencing.

I will then select the remedy that is most suitable for you, I may give you this at the time of the consultation, or if more time is needed to look at the details then I will post the remedy to you. This is usually given in the form of one or two small pills, although sometimes the remedy is given in liquid form.

I usually ask that a client comes back for a follow up consultation two to four weeks after taking the initial remedy. During this and any future consultations we will discuss in detail how your symptoms or experiences have changed. Another remedy may be prescribed at this time, or at a later date. Depending on the nature of your symptoms, a course of treatment may be as few as three consultations, or may be more ongoing in nature, this is something that will become clearer at the first consultation, and will be discussed with you fully. 



initial consultation

follow up

£ 75

£ 45


initial consultation

follow up

£ 45

£ 30


15 min telephone

£ 10

All fees include remedies, and for non acute consultations will include telephone and Email support during treatment if this is appropriate.

I am available for telephone consultations to suggest appropriate first aid remedies or remedies for acute illnesses such as gastric bugs, flu etc. or acute emotional situations in the event that I have taken the persons case prior to this event and am familiar with their case and medical history.